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Why use The Divorce Manager rather than two solicitors?

Firstly, to save a great deal of money and stress! We have all heard horror stories of how people have paid £5,000, £10,000, £20,000 + plus on a hostile divorce and still walked away unhappy. It isn't a coincidence that solicitors bill by the hour, letter, call etc. There is really no need with one experienced Divorce Manager guiding you both to get what you both need and just get it done.

If you really are looking to save stress, time and money, we can help.

Is there a court fee to pay?

Yes there is and it currently stands at £550.00. However, if you are claiming certain benefits or on a low income we may be able to get this waived for you. Most of our clients share all fees 50/50 which is the right attitude to get through a divorce in one piece.

How long will my divorce take?

If using solicitors, and negotiating a settlement, a divorce can take between 12 - 24 months. However, our divorces are normally concluded within 3 to 4 months as we are liaising with you both directly to keep things moving along. For a divorce without a settlement this can be much faster depending on how busy the courts are.

Can I protect my pension?

A pension is just an asset to be used if necessary but if other assets are available and needed then this could be possible. We always act 100% neutrally to both parties.

I don't want to have to talk to my wife which I why I think we both need a solicitor. How would The Divorce Manager handle this situation?

As long as relations are cordial and you have both agreed to divorce then we can act as a liaison between you both as needed to move the whole process along until the divorce is concluded.

My husband has a business that I have no interest in, will he have to declare it in disclosure and share it with me?

Financial disclosure must always be 100% honest and open. However, it is something that we can happily assist you with to help ensure that you get your wish.

My husband and I are still friends but want to divorce to find love again. I am happy for my husband to have a greater share of our assets, is this possible?

Anything is possible, it is your money after all. However, there are certain things that a court would expect to see in a financial settlement in order to agree it. After a long marriage for example it would be considered a good starting point to look at a 50/50 split of all assets but of course this can vary but it is a good benchmark.

My husband wants me to sell our home as part of the divorce but I have small children and want to stay. Could the courts force me to sell?

Here at The Divorce Manager we do all we can to avoid the judicial court process as it is really not pretty and incredibly time consuming, exensive and stressful! Through a successful mix of mediation, negotiation and utilisation of plain common sense we help you both agree a sensible way forward and settlement! The courts will always make the needs of children a priority as absolutely all parents should going through a divorce so it would be highly unusual for the courts to take this stance but as we are working amicably the court need not be involved. There are many ways of dealing with property to be fair to both parties to ensure that you are all provided for.

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