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Consent order (financial agreement)

Need a Consent order? (financial agreement)

Save a great deal of money, time and stress. We walk you both carefully through the whole process, amicably. We can also help if you have a Memorandum of Understanding from a mediator that needs bringing to life. We offer a 5 day service for turning MOUs into a legally binding Consent Order

Our service

  • Liaison with you both to obtain the correct information
  • Completion of all documents necessary to submit in draft form to court (currently four documents or more if needed) for a District Judge to assess and agree
  • Assessment and documentation of property, pensions, savings, inheritance and businesses to be detailed for your future protection
  • Guidance as to what a court will expect and require
  • You own personal Divorce Manager from day one until Decree Absolute, we are not a call centre!

Why choose The Divorce Manager

  • Both work directly with one divorce law specialist
  • Save a fortune, all our fees are fixed and joint
  • We have got you both covered, we are 100% neutral
  • Enjoy conversations in Plain English
  • Contact us 7 days a week to suit your diary

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We look forward to your call and helping you to move forward. The hardest decision has been made, let us take care of the rest.

“Thanks for your help in what is, after all, a somewhat difficult procedure, which you guided us through well and helped us come to a sensible and amicable solution”.

- Mr W. Gloucester

“Thanks to The Divorce Manager, we turned what could have been a traumatic, expensive situation into a pleasant experience at a surprisingly low cost.”

- Mrs P. Cheltenham

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