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Separation Agreement

Separation Agreement

Save a great deal of money, time and stress. We walk you both carefully through the whole process, amicably.

Our service

  • Tell us what you need and we will bring your document to life
  • We provide as many drafts as needed and will suggest beneficial additions
  • Future protection for you both to cover children, property, pensions, savings, inheritance and businesses – anything goes!
  • Your separation agreement will be clear, concise and robust

Why choose The Divorce Manager

  • Both work directly with one divorce law expert
  • Save a fortune, all our fees are fixed and joint
  • We have got you both covered, we are 100% neutral
  • Enjoy conversations in Plain English
  • Contact us 7 days a week to suit your diary

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“Thanks for your help in what is, after all, a somewhat difficult procedure, which you guided us through well and helped us come to a sensible and amicable solution”.

- Mr W. Gloucester

“Thanks to The Divorce Manager, we turned what could have been a traumatic, expensive situation into a pleasant experience at a surprisingly low cost.”

- Mrs P. Cheltenham

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