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The Divorce Manager: Who We Are

If you are looking to divorce and agree a financial settlement for minimal cost, which will be robust and legally binding, we can help if things are amicable. We are a established specialist divorce company who can work with both spouses to quickly and cost effectively fully manage your divorce and financial settlement (if needed), because we can talk to both of you we can help you to work things through which saves an awful lot of time and stress and of course money with our low cost, fixed fees. We have strong ideas about how divorce shouldn't become a battle ground and/or money pit at an already stressful time in your life. Our success is built on personal recommendations, care, follow through, creativity and knowledge of how to navigate the law with integrity and commitment to put our clients at the centre of all we do to avoid unecessary stress and worry for all.

All our Divorce Managers are trained matrimonial law specialists (Matrimonial Causes Act 1973) with additional skills in mediation, negotiation and common sense. We all talk in plain English to make our clients feel involved and not alien to the whole divorce process. We've established some great working relationships with other complimentary businesses too. We are not governed by the Law Society as this would not allow us to work with both spouses but we are supported by family law solicitors who check all final documents and advise as needed.

Our process ensures that our clients come out the other side of divorce ready to build their new lives without being bruised and battered.

If you are looking for a fast and personal service with one friendly and helpful point of contact we would be happy to help.

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