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It can be easy to see divorce as a bit like a boxing match.  You put on your gloves and bash at each other until one either passes out or taps out.  Sadly, there are plenty of divorces that go that way, and often, legal professionals find themselves as either the coach on the sidelines, spurring their side on or the referee in the middle.  Here at The Divorce Manager, we would rather be the referee – or there be no boxing match in the first place.  And the key to that is called amicable divorce.

Myths of an amicable divorce

Let’s start with some of the misconceptions about this kind of divorce, the myths.  Top of the list is you have become best friends with your to-be-ex suddenly.  Sure, if you can manage that it would be great, but the nature of divorce makes it very difficult.  Instead, the idea is to try to remove as much emotion from the process as possible.

Why, might you wonder?  One of the top reasons that people can’t get a cheap divorce is due to legal costs.  Every time solicitors must communicate with each other, write letters or file paperwork with the courts, it increases their bill and makes the divorce more expensive.  By working calmly and logically, you and your partner can cut down on these legal expenses and prepare for a quick divorce that is as simple as possible.

Another main reason to have an amicable divorce is the children that are involved in the partnership.  Divorce is hard on everyone but especially on children, regardless of their age.  By making things as amicable as possible, you make it easier for them and set a good example.

How to make that divorce without destruction

Some couples do manage an easy divorce where they sail through the divorce forms.  But most get help with divorce because there are so many vital areas.  That might include setting up a separation agreement then having it transferred into a consent order to make it legally binding.  Or, it might be about what happens with the child – where they live, who they spend time with and when and all these matters.

Whatever you need to sort with your divorce, amicable divorce can make a difficult situation more relaxed and calmer, reducing stress as much as possible and making it easier for the kids.  If you need help to achieve an amicable divorce, call The Divorce Manager on 0800 294 0452 or book a free consultation here.

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