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If you took your partner’s name during your marriage, it’s natural to want your maiden name back if you decide to divorce. The problem is, many divorcees are worried that the process might be complicated, or that you needed to change your name at the time of your divorce.

Well, worry not, as you can choose to change your surname at any point – no matter how long ago your divorce was. Plus, the process need not be complicated, especially when both your marriage certificate and your birth certificate (which are official documents) will have your maiden name listed on them.

What Other Documents Will You Need to Change Back Your Name?

If you’re looking to change your name, such as with your bank, you will need more than just proof of your maiden name.

For those divorced, you will need both your marriage certificate and the Decree Absolute certificate from your divorce.  If you were part of a civil partnership that has dissolved, you will need your civil partnership certificate as well as your Final Order certificate.

What If I Don’t Have a Copy of Your Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificate

Whether your changing back to your maiden name with your bank or on your passport, that body will want the documents listed above sent to them. Unfortunately, these cannot be photocopied, so you will need to send an approved copy from the government or the registry office you registered with at the time or your marriage or civil partnership.

You may have purchased extra copies of this certificate when you originally changed your name to your partner’s after your marriage.

If you need more copies, or you have lost the original, you can order them from the following:

  • If you get in touch with the registry office that you used when registering your marriage or civil partnership, they will be able to give you a copy. There may be a charge for this copy, depending on the office in question.
  • You can also order a copy on the government website; however, this will cost you around £14. This charge is for a standard delivery, which will not get dispatched for 15 working days. If you need your copy quicker, a priority service with next day dispatch, will cost from £38.

If you need to get a copy of your Decree Absolute or your Final Order then contact the third parties used in your dissolution, such as us at the Divorce Manager team. Or, you can order one onlinefor around £10.

Are These Documents All You Need to Change Your Name?

Keep in mind that changing your name back to your maiden name isn’t always guaranteed with the documents outlined above. When it comes to official documents like a passport or your driving licence, you may need to change your name by deed poll. This will give you a legal document that can be used to prove your name change.

Again, a deed poll name change will cost money, however, if you really want your maiden name back it’s a necessary expense. You can start that process here.


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