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Yes! Is the simple answer.

Depending on where you were married can determine how easy it is to get hold of a replacement marriage certificate. It may be that your husband or wife has got your marriage certificate that you need in order to obtain the divorce. Or, you have lost it in a house move or it was damaged along the way. No need to worry. We can help.

If you were married in the UK, it is very simple to obtain a new copy of the marriage certificate. You can either contact your local registry office to which you got married in, or on the county in which you got married in’s website, they will likely have a section on replacement marriage certificates.

Moving forward, the courts are setting protocols meaning that you now need to obtain a marriage certificate from the GOV.UK website. This is still very simple though. You need to create an account through the websites ‘Replacement Marriage Certificate’ Section) and you will be able to order one here. You just need to enter details such as Your full name, your spouses full name, the place in which you were married, the year etc…

There are two costs for replacement marriage certificate via this method. The first is £14.00, this is for the standard method. The certificate will be sent out to you at the end of the month, despite when you put the order in, and you should receive in about 4/5 weeks. This method is more affordable but unless you do this before you file for divorce, it can hold up the proceedings. The alternative service is Priority. This costs £38.00 but is significantly quicker taking about a week.

I got married abroad?

It can be slightly more difficult and costly to obtain a replacement marriage certificate from another country, but the best option is to visit the country’s council website and email them if they do not have an option on their website to order a replacement marriage certificate.

I’ve tried everything with no luck!

At this point, we should try and file a D11 at court. This is a general form that goes to the court when we would like to make a request. On this occasion, we are requesting that we continue with the divorce without the marriage certificate on the basis that we have tried all we can to obtain one with no luck.

In the request we need to include something along the lines of ‘I am requesting that you give permission to continue this divorce without a marriage certificate. I am unable to obtain a copy from the country of origin at present and neither myself nor my husband are in possession of a copy that would be accepted.’

The courts will accept this and therefore you can continue the divorce with no problems.

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