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There’s little to no doubt that the world is entrenched in a near-all-digital age, what with smart devices becoming all the rage, society becoming consumed with their handheld mobile devices and the majority of brick-and-mortar retail stores going the way of the Dodo bird.

Into this foray have come studies which suggest the shift to a technologically-dominant existence may be contributing to the systematic erosion of relationships, pointing to the fact that the amount of time couples spend on social media or their phones is alarming.

Such studies are being analyzed by entities like the UK’s Divorce Manager, a team comprised of divorce experts and solicitors who routinely look at sociological statistics to better serve their clients.

Data gathered by the Pew Research Center suggests that at least 24-percent of individuals believe technology has either a negative or “less-than-positive” impact on their relationships, and according to representatives of organizations such as the Pew Center, many of the couples that wear their hearts on their sleeves via social media might be – at best – “trying to make up following a bad argument” or “attempting to construct a reality that portrays their desired relationship” as opposed to their actual relationship.

At worst, say such experts, these couples may be victims of “territory-controlling partners.”

What’s more, there is data that exists which suggests frequent social media use has a negative correlation with levels of relationship satisfaction, with recent research showing that individuals with multiple social media profiles often suffer from increased risk of depression – a situation particularly common among the millennial demographic.

“The truth is, a good amount of tech-related conflicts happen in today’s relationships,” says The Divorce Manager’s Carol Fennell. “Some 42-percent report being distracted by their phones, 18-percent argue about the amount of time spent online and eight-percent experience conflicts due to what his or her partner is engaging in online.

“Indeed, during the many mediation services we offer, our team has found that one of the causes of a modern day breakup is led by a form of neglect – wherein partners complain that their significant other spends more time checking their phone or on social media platforms than spending ‘quality time’ with them. We always suggest doing what is best for oneself, but to also be vigilant and wary of the issues that may be social media-related.”

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