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For some people, the idea of an amicable divorce is up there with finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  And it is understandable – the breakdown of a relationship isn’t often the friendliest thing.  The idea of an amicable divorce isn’t one where you are suddenly best friends with your to-be-ex partner, however – it is more about how you approach the big decisions.  Here are some tips on how to do it and how it can make for a quick divorce.

1. Start with a separation agreement

A separation agreement is where you lay out what happens when you separate.  It can include as much as you want but should definitely cover areas such as finances, arrangements for children and what happens to assets such as property and investments.  This can later be turned into a Consent Order by taking it to court to make it legally binding.

2. Create a Parenting Plan

Because children are so important, people often go one step further than the separation agreement and create a Parenting Plan.  This looks at all the details around the children – where they will live, when they will spend time with the other parents, who pays for what and how decisions about them are made.

3. Keep emotion out of it

It is difficult to keep emotion out of many divorces but when it comes to getting an easy divorce, emotions work against you.  The urge to argue every point or get the most out of the other person can be difficult to resist.  But you need to try to avoid this as much as possible – emotion is not your friend in these situations.

4. Keep communicating

Another tip is equally hard in some cases but just as important – keep communicating with your partner.  People who get a cheap divorce manage it because they talk to each other, decide as much as possible without solicitors present and get the right help with divorce once everything is almost decided.

5. Do everything in writing

Being amicable doesn’t mean you have to make too many concessions.  And it doesn’t mean you have to blindly trust the other person.  That’s why doing everything in writing is so important.  The divorce forms are in writing but also make sure every agreement or amendment to an agreement is documented, dated and signed.  It avoids problems later on.

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