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In recent years, the number of people getting a divorce has gone down.  But there is still an average of almost 9 couples in every 1,000 that ends up in divorce.  While no-one goes into a marriage thinking about it, it can happen to anyone.  And when it comes to getting a quick divorce to allow everyone to get on with their lives, money is a top problem.  That’s where a consent order comes in.

What is a consent order?

One of the biggest problems with divorce is financial matters.  People can aim for an amicable divorce but when money comes into it, this can go very wrong.  What might seem like an easy divorce is suddenly something much more complex and combative.

A consent order is a document that lays out what happens with the finances of the partnership in the event of a separation or a divorce.  It can be ideal to get this arrangement in place before you fill in any divorce forms because it will cut down the time and complexity of the process.

A consent order isn’t legally binding at the first stage – it is just an agreement between the two parties.  But you can also get help with divorce from a legal representative who can make it legally binding.  Like a separation agreement, it is an agreement that can become legally binding once it has been through the legal process.

What should it include?

What the consent order includes depends on the financial situation of the couple but there are some basics to consider:

  • Money
  • Property
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Child maintenance payments

You can ask the court to approve your consent order if you have started the paperwork to divorce or to end the civil partnership but haven’t yet applied for the final legal document to end the relationship.  Final legal documents can be either decree absolute if you are getting a divorce or a final order if you are ending a civil partnership.

Normally there’s no court order to make the agreement binding.  A judge will approve it as long as they think it is fair.  If not, they may change the consent order or make a new court order telling you how to divide the assets.

Affairs in order

A consent order is about getting your financial affairs in order and can be a strong way to get a cheap divorce because you are cutting down on legal fees.  It also helps to make an amicable divorce which is best for everyone involved, especially any children.

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