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The words ‘amicable’ and ‘divorce’ might seem to be somewhat unconnected – the whole point of divorce is to separate or end a marriage and this is often due to some serious problems.  You may even want to consider a separation agreement at this stage rather than a full divorce and it is easier to do amicably.  The concept of amicable divorce is one that has benefits for everyone involved and here’s why.

Consider the future

If you have any sort of future connection with your spouse, such as kids, shared business interests or property, then an amicable divorce can make for a better future.  Okay, you might never be friends or spend time together unless absolutely necessary, but it makes for a quick divorce which is often the cause of much conflict.  And, it also makes it easier to deal with your to-be-ex in the future.

Better for the children

One of the main concerns in a divorce is any children of the couple.  Children are adaptable but hostility between their parents can cause real problems.  If you can get the right help with divorce and keep things amicable, it is better for the children.  It also means you are making decisions from a place of calmness and not from anger.

Keeps costs down

Everyone ideally wants a cheap divorce and the very best way to do this is to have an easy divorce which means minimal conflict and contesting of every point.  If you can agree on much of the important stuff between you both before you start completing divorce forms, this will help keep costs down resulting in a cheaper divorce.

Focus on the important stuff

An amicable divorce doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything your spouse wants.  Instead, by sorting the small stuff first, you can focus on the important stuff.  For example, a Consent Order is where you place any financial agreements to ensure both parties stick to it.  It prevents any financial claims further down the line.

Get the right help

Sadly, some in the profession like divorce to be messy, hostile and take a long time.  But, here at The Divorce Manager, we want you to get the help you need and to keep your legal costs as low as possible.  That’s why we aim for an amicable divorce wherever possible.

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