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People get divorced for a large number of reasons, all of which are unique to their own situation. However, among these reasons are three main situations that are often the starting point for couples realising that their relationship is no longer working as it once did.

Remember, though, if a relationship is no longer working and you both agree to a separation, focusing on the reasons isn’t beneficial to anyone. Indeed, by deciding to put away your differences and instead working on moving on, you can make your divorce proceedings far easier on you both.

Here are the three main reasons for people choosing to divorce:

1: Simply Growing Apart

If you think of yourself 10 or even 20 years ago, the likelihood is, you’d say you’re a totally different person now than you are now. That’s because we are all shaped by the experiences that occur around us every day. It makes sense, then, that some couples simply drift apart from one another as their opinions and goals change over the years. It could also mean that the personality of the person that you originally married has altered over the years, leaving behind someone that you clash with more than you love.

Commonly, couples who feel like they are growing further apart may feel like they get a lack attention from their wife or husband. You may feel like your partner is no longer interested in you, or that you struggle to hold a conversation anymore.

This need not be the end of your relationship, though, as by working on your communication skills and adding more effort to your relationship you may repair it. If you both would still like to separate, communication is still key, as you’ll need this to sort our finances and property in a civil manner.

2: Infidelity in the Relationship

Infidelity can be incredibly common in a relationship. Even a couple who look perfect to those around then, may have one member who is conducting an affair behind the other person’s back. Cheating is a relationship – whether emotionally or physically – is likely to break all trust in that relationship, making it very hard to rebuild.

There are many reasons why a person might cheat on their partner, with a common reason being sexual problems in that partnership. With a lack of sex at home leading a person to seek their needs with another outside their marriage. Although cheating doesn’t mean a lack of love in a relationship, it is a strong catalyst for marital breakdown.

3: Irreversible Differences

All couples have little niggles, where the one person does something that is annoying to the other. Most commonly, couples will argue over silly things such as video games or someone snoring. However, when little problems evolve into bigger problems, the relationship dynamic can start to break down. For instance, if you partner is drinking heavily or is spending too much of your finances, this stress can be too much for some couples.

Differences can often lead to messy divorces, especially when money is involved. However, if you are unable to come to an agreement over each other’s habits, then divorce is the best option for you both.


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