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What is a Separation Agreement?

A separation agreement is a really useful document if you haven’t yet decided whether to divorce or dissolve your civil partnership. It’s a written agreement which details everything and anything from who is paying the bills to who is living where and for how long. It can also ensure that whatever is agreed happens in good time as it should provide absolute clarity on all areas.

Areas typically covered include:

  • Childcare arrangements: who any children live with and parental access
  • Who pays the mortgage or rent, and household bills
  • Who continues to live in the family home and/or what happens if it’s sold
  • What happens to any debts, such as loans or overdrafts
  • What happens to savings, investments and other financial assets
  • What happens to any items such as cars or furniture, especially bought jointly
  • Whether maintenance is paid to support one of you and/or any children

A separation agreement can also form the basis of a consent order that is needed for court at the point you choose to divorce.

Important note: Here at The Divorce Manager, we don’t think you should end up paying twice so if we help with your Separation Agreement, we will ensure that 60% of the original cost is deducted off your divorce at the point you go ahead and need a consent order. Also, you will never, ever, be rushed. We understand that conversations need to take place so we will be here waiting ready to help where needed.

Thank you for your care, patience and guidance. We were really grateful for the help so that we could quickly formalise our agreement.

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The good and bad of separation agreements


  • You agree that you don’t have to live together, so your ex-partner (husband, wife or civil partner) can’t allege you’ve deserted them and vice versa
  • It shows you both consider the relationship to have ended and the date it ended
  • It is flexible – you can decide what you’d like to include
  • An agreement can take the heat out of the breakdown of the relationship and means you both know where you stand
  • It gives you both clarity and certainty
  • Although they aren’t technically legally binding, agreements that have been properly and fairly negotiated will be upheld by the court if challenged


  • It can only be changed if both of you agree to the changes.
  • A court might disregard some or all of its contents if you go on to divorce or dissolve your civil partnership – it’s not the final word if it is not written correctly. However, if done properly and the agreement has proved satisfactory than a judge would be much less likely to interfere.

How would you make my separation agreement legally binding?

Below are our tried and tested steps:

Step 1:

Both agree with your Divorce Manager what areas your separation agreement will cover, and what the terms will be. Your Divorce Manager will also facilitate financial disclosure which is an essential part of the agreement.

Step 2:

Your Divorce Manager will then draft your separation agreement once terms have been settled upon. It is important that both of you should obtain independent legal advice from separate solicitors on the details of the agreement. The agreement can then be amended and changed as necessary until all parties are happy that everything is covered.

Step 3:

You can then have the separation agreement signed and witnessed.

Step 4:

In a later divorce, your Divorce Manager can apply to court for a consent order to mirror the financial terms of the separation agreement and make it legally binding upon you both.

Step 5:

At divorce stage, once filed with the court, if the judge thinks the agreement is fair and reasonable and needs based, it will be approved and become legally binding.

Do I need legal advice?

You don’t need to take legal advice when you write a separation agreement, but it’s a really good idea to do so. We always strongly advise that you both see a separate solicitor and obtain a certificate to say that you have taken advice to further ensure that any agreement is as watertight as possible. There are several reasons why:

  • Because you’re entering into a potentially legally-binding agreement
  • You can get advice about whether there are any reasons why you should not sign the separation agreement, before you go ahead
  • Your separation agreement is more likely to be legally binding if you and your ex-partner have provided full financial disclosure and you have both taken independent legal advice from a solicitor

Can a separation agreement be enforced?

Technically, separation agreements aren’t legally enforceable. However, if the following is in place they will be as watertight as possible:

  • You must both be 100% honest about the finances
  • Have taken independent legal advice about the agreement at the construction stage

However, a court wouldn’t allow – for example – one of you to be bound by a term in the separation agreement that said you could never go to court for maintenance or child support.

What is a Divorce Manager?

A Divorce Manager is a matrimonial law specialist (Matrimonial Causes Act 1973) with additional skills in mediation, negotiation, compassion and common sense! They talk in plain English to make it easy for clients to understand the process and feel comfortable whilst assisting them both through the process of bringing a separation agreement to life to cover everything necessary. Company solicitors oversee all cases as needed to keep costs down which we pass on.

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